Zane’s coaching helped me reconnect with my body and understand that if the body is asking for a specific food, it’s because he needs it so it’s okay to have it. Working with Zane helped me stop the extreme eating - not eating enough or eating too much. It’s hard to break old habits and make changes, but because of Zane’s coaching, I was able to do it and changed for the best. Zane helped me not only to improve my relationship with food but also improve my sleep quality, which has helped me to normalize my appetite and deal better with stress. During our sessions, Zane suggested useful literature for me to read at home. This helped me understand my body signals and my relationships with food even better. 
Zane speaks with enthusiasm, she inspires and gives you the belief that you are capable of achieving everything you set out to do. You can feel that she cares for her clients deeply.


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