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How I approach eating disorder recovery coaching is different, and it works. I know what the eating disorder is like, I know what it's saying and how it's treating the sufferer. I've experienced it myself and proudly kicked it out of my life. I'm here to help you to kick your eating disorder out of your life for good. It's time for you to start thriving in a newfound peaceful, happy and healthy life. 
I have compassion for you but not the eating disorder that's wasting your life away. 
I understand that the eating disorder is a coping mechanism for the sufferer. While working with my clients, together, we find new ways to meet the needs that their eating disorder has been meeting for them in new, more life-affirming ways. I help my clients feel safe and motivated while the eating disorder is kicking and screaming as it loses its strength.
Having goals beyond your illness is what will make you get better. As your coach, I will help you to set your goals and achieve those goals. 
I am confident that you can be free from the eating disorder. I don't care what others have said to you or what you think of yourself or what the eating disorder has made you believe. YOU CAN DO IT period.



I offer free first consultation call to see if we are a good fit for each other
I live in London, but I coach all over the world via video call
When we decide to work together on your recovery, we adjust the session schedule and establish pricing, which differs depending on your needs


For more details, please contact me!


For more details, please contact me!


If you're caring for someone suffering from eating disorders, it's essential to find support for yourself. Eating disorders affect not only the sufferer but everyone around them. My support will help you better deal with the challenges that arise when caring for an eating disorder sufferer. I'll help you better understand the behaviours, how to address them and manage them. 
I offer one-to-one sessions scheduled as often as we agree necessary.