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I believe that, when the mind is at peace, healthy eating comes naturally. Your body is smart; it knows what it needs to survive and thrive. It is the anxious mind and suppressed emotions that interrupts the dialogue. 

I look at an eating disorder as a condition of the mind more than the body.  Eating disorders are an addiction, and like other addictions, it is a coping mechanism for the sufferer used to cope with suppressed trauma and suffering, experienced prior to the development of the eating disorder. Unfortunately, it is a dangerous and even life-threatening coping mechanism, so it needs to be replaced. 

In my work, I use psychology based coaching techniques, mindfulness practices and guided imagery and visualization tools for therapeutic change.  Combination of these techniques supports my client’s journey to releasing old patterns and emotions that no longer serve them. In the process of eating disorder recovery coaching, I help my clients develop new ways to meet the needs that their eating disorder has been meeting for them in new, life-affirming ways. 

As a coach, I help my client feel safe, understood and supported throughout the process. I know how challenging and even scary healing can seem at times. However, I do not doubt that anyone can overcome the eating disorder! 



I live in London, but I coach all over the world via video call

When we decide to work together on your healing, I create individual session schedule depending on your needs.


As described above!


If you're caring for someone suffering from eating disorders, it's essential to find support for yourself. Eating disorders affect not only the sufferer but everyone around them. My support will help you better deal with the challenges that arise when caring for an eating disorder sufferer. I'll help you better understand the behaviours, how to address them and manage them. 
I offer one-to-one sessions scheduled as often as we agree necessary.