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As a corporate wellness coach, I create an environment that allows my clients to see their blind spots- the beliefs, fears and doubts that hold them back from being the most creative and productive self. 

Furthermore, I then help my clients to overcome the internal and external barriers to improve their performance in work and personal life. 


In my work, I use psychology based coaching techniques, mindfulness practices and guided imagery and visualization tools for therapeutic change. Combination of these techniques supports the client's journey to releasing old patterns that no longer serve them. 


My work in the company can be tailored to every organization's individual needs. I offer 1-2-1 consultations, monthly programs based on simple to do mindfulness practices as well as planned wellness events for the whole team. 


After working with me, my clients report feeling more confident, empowered and resilient in general, as well as much more at peace and calm in situations that previously would cause them stress and loss of confidence. Creativity and productivity is a natural outcome of previously mentioned improvements. 

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